Friday, 13 May 2011


It mixed bag yesterday, sadness at a colleague being taken ill, a joyous walk, then enjoying art and conversation with children.

There is so much beauty all around.  Sights and sounds!   It’s so easy to take for granted the sights around us, even more neglected by us is the sounds.   All the different bird song, insects humming, lambs bleating and the background noise of trees rustling, and the wind singing.   The wonder and inquisitiveness of children’s chatter!  

A child who I was walking with spotted this small creature going about its business, oblivious to the interest it was causing.

    Amazing !
 A pair of common blue damselflies in tandem and large red damselfly.  I was a little cross with myself,  I had only had my small camera not my canon. So picture is a little grainy.  Also I had moved closer  to get a better picture of the blue ones and the red one jumped in the photograph.  Lucky me!
Taking this picture brought an Eddi Reader song to mind "Dragonflies".  Which was a little strange as I had played the song before I had left for work that day.
I think I was being followed? (half an hour later)
Sheep and Lambs

It was a lovely walk, so much to see and enjoy and the company of wonderful children. Later I was privileged to be part of a small group using clay to make imaginary animals. The imagination of children is so wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of their world and conversations. 

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  1. What a wonderful walk - thanks for sharing it. Thank you also for the lovely quote you left on my blog, it is beautiful.