Monday, 30 May 2011

Sunday Morning Walk

The  Church fete yesterday went well, it didn't rain and everyone who came seemed to enjoy themselves. I  I didn't manage to take any photographs myself but my husband did,  so will post theme tomorrow maybe? 

Well its Sunday morning so its off again with the dogs in tow, or should that read with me in tow?    
The wind had dislodged the growth from the official sign post at the start of our walk, so I now knew where I was going.

I then came across this beautiful flower,  all on its own along the edge of a field.
A common scabious

It was then onward, looking all around for another glimpse of that "little owl",  it was not to be but I did come across this little fellow nestled on some cow parsley.
a ladybird

Further on we go along the road through the village and see this landmark.  I love the red telephone box, not sure its being used seeing as all of this growth is obstructing the front of the door. 

 Then it was back to our home, on the short walk back we encountered some nice flowers and a lovely view. 

A beautiful white dog rose.
A hairy poppy bud
Oilseed Rape and Poppies

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  1. Great photos - love the vibrancy of the poppy.