Sunday, 15 May 2011

One that got away? Geese, dog related things and a poppy.

Whilst out walking I had a strange feeling of being watched.   On stopping and looking around I spied a little owl looking at me on a tree stump from about five feet away.
He was amazing with the most amazing eyes. Being startled by him  I wasn't quick enough to take a photograph and he flew away.  I did shout after him "Please come back"  - silly me.
 These geese however were easy to snap!   Foraging in a local farmer's field.
Dog Rose
Dog Daisy with a little visitor (other names,  Moon Daisy or Ox-eye Daisy)
The first Poppy I have come across in the local fields.  So paper like and beautiful.

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  1. Your photographs are really beautiful. I am so pleased to hear you share my drawings with the children in art class. I used to teach myself.