Monday, 9 May 2011


While I researched what this butterfly was,  I stumbled upon the Norwegian name of  the Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly. "Neslesommerfugl" which translates into English as the nettle butterfly.   I am so taken with this name that on every occasion that I see the small tortoiseshell butterfly I will annoy my family by uttering the word "Neslesommerfugl", in a poor Norwegian accent.

Behind the back door of our classroom the below thistle has burst forth.  The pink is amazing and the leaves are beautiful, however it is still a weed.  I have been reading a book at the moment called Weeds by Richard Mabey, which is fascinating.
Variegated thistle
Green and while spiky leaves

Today, this bird was spied,  I had never seen anything like it around here before and on checking out my bird book am pretty sure that it was a Common Buzzard.  It was wonderful to see and it was anything but common to me..  more majestic as it swooped off over the fields of oilseed rape.
 A bit far off,  but better than no picture at all.
Oilseed rape blooming under a sky of blue, dotted with fluffy clouds.

And lastly a photograph  of a horse which I often see on my dog walking. This one always comes over to say hello to Morganlefay.    

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