Saturday, 13 August 2011


I am back blogging but what to blog?   I have been to three weddings recently and at one of them I was privileged to have taken some photographs.    This picture for some reason took my eye.   It was of the bride and grooms shoes.   I really love it, not sure why but it makes me smile whenever I see this picture!
Are they tapping out a rhythm?
Love the confetti,  the sparkle of the shoes and the swirl of the fabric.


  1. Great photos! Those shoes have such personality! A rhythm maybe or is the bride waiting impatiently and the groom is hustling over to be by her side...let's go with rhythm!

  2. Haha..... Rhythm it is then. :)

  3. I am sure that it bodes well for their future - tapping in time together!

    Pomona x