Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Recent events

Our church was looking lovely at the weekend.  We had a wedding in it and I took this picture just before the ceremony took place.  It was so peaceful!

Yesterday we had a visitor down our chimney,  a collared dove. Luckily I got to him before my two dogs, but he did cause quite a commotion.     After capturing him and releasing he fluttered back up onto the roof and stayed there for quite a while.  I think the poor thing was still in shock.
A pigeon with post traumatic stress and some ruffled feathers.

Ladybirds are everywhere at the moment, everything you pick up in the garden they seem to be crawling on.   

Well its now steadily raining here now and it looks like its in for the whole day.   So hopefully I can finish one of my paintings as I don't have any excuses to go out. :)

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  1. Hi Ruth, your church is just beautiful. You take such nice photos. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am going to make a point of getting my inchies done from now on! I think life is settling down a bit for me so I can get back on track!