Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Hello again,  been a bit busy here so no blog posts for most of the month.  However I am hoping to get on here more over the next two months.   Summer hols are great for catching up.   Also I have been so inspired by lots of people recently so I am desperate to do some art!    So starting today I am going to try and do something for me every day!   Fingers crossed.

Anyway cornflowers,  I have a lovely group of them by my front fence and I sat for half an hour and got these amazing photographs.   I love the blue,  and the contrasting colours of the insects.
Wonderful bee eyes


  1. Thank you for your lovely comments on the Hope post. I am so glad to find another lover of bees. Lucky you seeing the miner bee.

    We are lucky as we are also visited by a lot of bees, mainly red and white tailed bumbles and solitary bees; as well as a small number of honey bees from a local hive.

    They love majoram flowers, ignoring the lavender, and this small patch is the noisiest in the garden.

    Nice to 'meet' you, Charlotte

  2. Beautiful flowers, bees and images! I especially love the detail of the bee's wings in the first image. Delicate looking, yet amazingly strong.

  3. They are very good photos - I love the intense blue of the cornflowers.

    Pomona x

  4. Thanks to all the lovely comments ! Much appreaciated. Ruth

  5. Cornflowers are among my favorite flowers. In the U.S. they are also called batchelor's buttons. I have them growing in my garden as well. Excellent close up of the bee!

  6. Love these photos Ruth - great clarity and colour. Lesley x