Sunday, 19 June 2011


Out and about again with the dogs,  I came across this curious little bee?

On researching via the internet I found out that he is a grey miner bee never seen one before.  He and lots of other bees were hanging on to a group of thistles.

  This got me thinking about all the bees that I have seen over the last few weeks and I sorted out these photographs which I have taken.

They are amazing creatures and I love looking for them on my walks now.  Bee spotting for the win!

Also came across this amazing seed head, and really liked the shape and geometry of it. 


  1. Great photos, Ruth! I love the blue/purple flower - the pistils and stamen look like a bee to!

  2. Lovely bee pics... especially loved seeing the grey miner - definitley haven't seen one before!

  3. Thank you for your kind comments :)

  4. The photos are lovely - I always find that the bees fly about so quickly from flower to flower that my reactions aren't fast enough and end up with a load of fuzzy photos!

    Pomona x