Saturday, 30 April 2011

Dandelions revisited

I went on a walk in the local fields today with my faithful hounds Gunner and Morgan and the landscape had changed the field of dandelions were now all clocks - Dandelion clocks that is!  From the most vibrant and bright yellow,  now I was left with soft gray spheres of seeds.
 When I was a child I remember that the flying seeds of the dandelions were really fairies and they were flying off to help people?  This so made me smile today as my dogs trotting through them sent the tiny seeds with their gossamer wings floating off  on a warm wind to pastures new?
Happy memories.

Hawthorn blossom

Its the last day of April today and I took this picture of some Hawthorn blossom.   Its also called the May tree and as its the 1st May tomorrow it certainly looked ready to celebrate May Day.   The white of the flowers looked amazing in the lane I was walking down.  So beautiful!

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